Ongoing Issues

Ongoing Issues

Our Association is involved in many technically complex, politically sensitive and community based projects and initiatives. Our Association has a proactive relationship with various levels of government on numerous issues.

Halifax Water RDC

Status: Ongoing

Halifax Water filed an application with the NSUARB on November 21, 2019, to approve “a revision to the regional development charge for water, and wastewater infrastructure and for approval of amendments to the schedule of rates, rules and regulations for water, wastewater and stormwater services to revise the regional development charge”.The UARB hearing was held in June 2020. The UARB has approved the revised water and wastewater RDCs, subject to the findings and directives outlined in its Decision dated October 29, 2020. The related amendments to the Schedule of Rates, Rules and Regulations are also approved. The UARB has directed Halifax Water to file a Compliance Filing with revised data and calculations, no later than November 30, 2020. The intervenors are to provide comments, if any, within two weeks of the Compliance Filing, with a rebuttal by Halifax Water within one week.
You can view the full Decision on the the UARB site (Matter No M09494).

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Cogswell Lands Development

Status: Ongoing

UDI continues to work with a group of stakeholders led by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission to facilitate discussions around the redevelopment of the Cogswell District to ensure that Halifax advances with the best overall urban design vision possible for the project.

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