Member Benefits

There are numerous benefits in being a member of UDI.  We strive to ensure our membership is aware of proposed legislation or by-laws which may impact our industries.  We offer numerous resources to assist in addressing issues and to utilize our membership base to provide our smaller members with benefits which otherwise not be available to them.

  • UDI of Nova Scotia is the largest organization representing the development industry in our province.
  • UDI members have an extensive network of resources, professionals and expertise across all facets of our industry.
  • UDI members are well-respected in their fields of expertise and provide unparalleled credibility.
  • By utilizing monthly newsletters, webinars and other resources, UDI provides timely updates and ensures our members are kept informed regarding issues affecting our members.
  • Government initiatives are in place to help with certain aspects of our industry.  UDI can help its members navigate these processes, ensuring they have access to programs which can help to open new opportunities for growth.
  • Through UDI’s extensive internal committee network, members actively participate in policy development to ensure our concerns are well-researched and formulated.
  • UDI can help members access appropriate municipal staff, political leaders and members of the development community.
  • UDI offers its members a united voice when addressing issues which may affect our members.  Whether it be municipal or provincial officials, our messages are clearly communicated to decision-makers.

2021-2022 Membership Dues Rates (valid April 2021-March 2022):

  • Developer Members: $3,000 +HST Annually
  • Builder Members: $1,500 +HST Annually
  • Professional Members; $1,000 +HST Annually
  • Supplier Members; $1,000 +HST Annually
  • Government Members: $750 +HST Annually

Please call 902-442-5017 to enquire about joining UDI of Nova Scotia,

or fill out our Application.


UDI’s membership includes Developers, Municipal Officials, Industry Suppliers, Construction Firms, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Designers, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Banks and Real Estate Agents.

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