Centre Plan Review

HRM have released Package B of their Centre Plan. Key components of Package B include policies and regulations for:

  • Downtown Halifax – mixed-use, high density developments in Downtown Halifax, pedestrian-oriented commercial streets, urban design and streetscaping, heritage properties and the Schmidtville Heritage Conservation District;
  • Established residential areas – retaining the neighbourhood character while providing for secondary suites, backyard suites, home businesses, local commercial uses, and urban agriculture;
  • Industrial lands – businesses, manufacturing, harbour-oriented marine uses, container piers, power generation, and similar uses;
  • Institutional lands – hospitals, colleges, military lands, schools, universities, and places of worship;
  • Waterfront lands – harbourfront trails & walkways, cruise ship berths, and public/special event spaces for citizens and tourists;
  • Parks and Community Facilities – parks and green spaces of all sizes and shapes including the Commons, recreation centres, and recreational clubs to support healthy and active living;
  • Culture and Heritage – heritage properties, cultural landscapes, Citadel Hill, heritage conservation districts;
  • Updates to Centre Plan Package A – additions and refinements of Downtown Dartmouth, Centres, Corridors, Higher Order Residential Areas and Future Growth Nodes to integrate those lands into one comprehensive Plan and Land Use By-law for the Regional Centre.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the Centre Plan – Package B public engagement process and project timeline. The Centre Plan Package B public consultations are currently underway – find out more at www.centreplan.ca.

Visit www.centreplan.ca  for fact sheets, interactive map and draft planning documents.

Package A was finalized and made law in late 2019. UDI partnered with other organizations to engage leading planner Jennifer Keesmaat to provide a peer review of Package A. We invite anyone interested to read the full Keesmaat Report, or a Key Recommendations document is also available.


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