Halifax Green Network

Protecting open space in HRM was determined to be a primary objective of the 2014 Halifax Regional Plan. To achieve this goal, the development of the Halifax Green Network Plan – an Open Space and Greenbelting Priorities Plan for the Region was undertaken by Halifax.

In June 2018 an HRM staff report on the Halifax Green Network was presented to the Community Planning & Economic Development Standing Committee, who deferred approval to a later date. A video of the meeting is available online at http://archive.isiglobal.ca/vod/halifax/archive_2018-06-21.mp4.html (relevant discussion starts at approx. 33 minutes).  The report is also available at https://www.halifax.ca/sites/default/files/documents/city-hall/standing-committees/180621cped151_0.pdf, with recommendations summarized on pages 2-3.

UDI has set up a Task Force to review the recommendations and to provide additional input if and when items from the report are implemented. Of particular interest to our industry is Recommendation 3:

Request that the Province amend the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter, as set out in Actions 18 and 61 of the Halifax Green Network Plan, to:
(a) enable the Municipality to acquire sensitive environmental lands (e.g. riparian areas,
wetlands, steep slopes, etc.) as an environmental reserve through the land development
and subdivision process, in addition to existing parkland dedication provisions; and
(b) enable a greater range of legislative abilities, such as the ability to enact parkland
dedication requirements based on density to address development that does not include
the subdivision of land.




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