As the recognized voice of the land development industry in Nova Scotia, The Urban Development Institute of Nova Scotia (UDI) is part of a national network of organizations. UDI is comprised of a diverse and knowledgeable membership in all areas of the land development industry including developers, builders, consultants, engineers, architects, insurance companies, banks, government organizations, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, lawyers, suppliers and graphic design companies, to name a few. UDI’s membership and respected Board of Directors are comprised of industry leaders in many professions.

Our Association is involved in many technically complex, politically sensitive and community based projects and initiatives. Our Association has a proactive relationship with various levels of government on numerous issues. Our goal is to ensure that government policies dealing with the land development industry are fair, consistent and financially responsible, and lead to better built communities and a good quality of life in Nova Scotia.

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UDI’s membership includes Developers, Municipal Officials, Industry Suppliers, Construction Firms, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Designers, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Banks and Real Estate Agents.

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