To HRM Members:

Our working group, which includes CANS, UDINS, CHBA NS and Road Builders, have had discussions with HRM staff regarding concerns with the lack of adherence to established Construction Management Plans (CMPs) by some members of the HRM construction community.  HRM staff is frustrated with the lack of compliance, which will lead to increased enforcement.  Given that the staff responsible for enforcement and permitting are one and the same, the issuance of permits tend to get delayed.  These delays affect everyone in our industry.

To be clear, HRM have not shared the names nor locations of those in violation. We are not addressing specific developers, contractors, sub-contractors, etc.  As such, are addressing this in broad terms.  To be clear, this is not meant to be accusatory.  It is simply meant to bring this very serious issue to everyone’s attention, so that we can all address it appropriately.

Our preference is to work with our members and HRM, should an apparent violation arise.  We could help identify the issues of concern and work towards a resolution.  To be clear, this is not meant to lay blame nor to assume guilt.  We want to help our members move their projects forward, in a timely manner.

The CMPs were developed with the Construction Industry’s input.  Given that all stakeholders were involved in bringing this legislation forward, there is a reasonable expectation that members would adhere to the parameters as laid out any contractual agreement with HRM.

If any members are truly out of compliance, we would ask that you remedy the situation as soon as logistically possible.  If there are mitigating factors which may impede compliance, we can help find common ground with HRM.

We welcome your comments and input.  Our intent is to find a joint solution to this issue, before HRM implements a rigid enforcement approach.

We encourage you to review your HRM work sites as necessary, to ensure compliance with your specific CMP.