Halifax Green Network

Protecting open space in HRM was determined to be a primary objective of the 2014 Halifax Regional Plan. To achieve this goal, the development of the Halifax Green Network Plan – an Open Space and Greenbelting Priorities Plan for the Region was undertaken by Halifax.

As the first major deliverable of the Halifax Green Network Plan, Halifax undertook Phase One, the State of the Landscape Report, released in Fall 2015. For publications based on Phase One please visit http://www.halifax.ca/HalifaxGreenNetwork/Themes.php.

During the next phase, open space network learning scenarios with varying degrees of preservation were to be developed and assessed to help understand impacts on the landscape. Halifax has not pursued Phase Two to its conclusion at this time.

UDI provided comments to Halifax at the end of Phase One. We continue to monitor this issue, and will respond once further information is available from Halifax.




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