Ongoing Issues

Ongoing Issues

Our Association is involved in many technically complex, politically sensitive and community based projects and initiatives. Our Association has a proactive relationship with various levels of government on numerous issues.

Halifax Green Network

Status: Ongoing

Protecting open space in HRM was determined to be a primary objective of the 2014 Halifax Regional Plan. To achieve this goal, the development of the Halifax Green Network Plan – an Open Space and Greenbelting Priorities Plan for the Region was undertaken by Halifax.

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Cogswell Lands Development

Status: Ongoing

UDI supports HRM’s plan to redevelop lands currently occupied by the Cogswell Interchange. However, we have some concerns about the viability of the project to self-fund, and about the ability of the market to absorb so much new real estate (residential and commercial) in a short time-frame. UDI has commissioned reports by leading planner Ken Greenberg and local firm Turner Drake, and continues to work with HRM to explore issues raised by these reports.

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UDI’s membership includes Developers, Municipal Officials, Industry Suppliers, Construction Firms, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Designers, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Banks and Real Estate Agents.

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