Centre Plan Review

Last year HRM staff drafted a Centre Plan document referred to as ‘The Purple Document’, which was endorsed by Regional Council in June as being consistent with their vision. They directed staff to create the actual policies and regulations in the form of a Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law. When finalized and adopted by Council, these documents will guide development of the Regional Centre over the next few years.

In February HRM released their ‘Package A’ Centre Plan document, addressing areas in the Regional Centre where the most growth is planned. This relates specifically to areas identified in the Urban Structure as Centres, Corridors, Future Growth Nodes, and Higher Order Residential areas. As a major industry stakeholder UDI has been following the Centre Plan process with interest, and has provided ongoing feedback. UDI, like HRM and other stakeholder groups within the city, looks to the Centre Plan to help us create dynamic, prosperous and liveable neighourhoods throughout the municipality. We hope that the final plan will also ensure an efficient and reasonable development process.

We believe that any plan of this magnitude benefits from independent assessment, and therefore have hired a consultant to conduct a peer review, the results of which will be shared with HRM and our partners. The consultant hired, Jennifer Keesmaat of Toronto, spent 24 hours in Halifax in discussions with many of our partners in the process, including HRM officials and an experienced ‘Leaders Table’ group selected to provide guidance throughout the process. She will return to Halifax in early  April to attend a number of consultation sessions with various Stakeholder groups. We anticipate the process will wrap up in the latter part of April. UDI is working closely with HRM throughout the process, and we welcome the collaboration on this issue.

UDI is reaching out to members and the development industry at large to raise support for this review. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 902-442-5017 or udi@udins.ca.

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