Priority Issues

Priority Issues

Our Association is involved in many technically complex, politically sensitive and community based projects and initiatives, and has a proactive relationship with various levels of government on numerous issues. Below are three top issues we are currently addressing.

Halifax Water RDC

Status: Priority

In 2013 UDI of Nova Scotia led an industry intervention against the introduction of Halifax Water Regional Development Charge. At the UARB review substantial limits were imposed on Halifax Water, with resulting savings to developers over what had been proposed.

The UARB also imposed a mandatory 5-year review. UDI is currently addressing concerns over Halifax Water’s methods of calculating the charge and other issues. We continue to lobby HRM and Halifax Water to ensure charges are fairly and equitably imposed.

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Status: Priority

UDI has long been concerned with providing affordable housing options to Nova Scotians. We closely watch government rules and regulations which may impact on affordability, and lobby for changes which will allow more first time home buyers into the market.

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Infrastructure Charges (Capital Cost Contributions)

Status: Priority

HRM have hired Turner Drake to undertake a review of the Infrastructure Charges (Capital Cost Contributions) which apply to developments within HRM. UDI supports fair and clearly outlined fee structures for all charges applied by HRM, however, we are concerned that unnecessarily high fees will increase the affordability of housing. We continue to monitor the review process, and have provided input where applicable.

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UDI’s membership includes Developers, Municipal Officials, Industry Suppliers, Construction Firms, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Designers, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers, Banks and Real Estate Agents.

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