Priority Issues

Priority Issues

Our Association is involved in many technically complex, politically sensitive and community based projects and initiatives, and has a proactive relationship with various levels of government on numerous issues. Below are three top issues we are currently addressing.

Centre Plan Review

Status: Priority

The Keesmaat report on the HRM Centre Plan is now complete. The results were presented at a public meeting on May 9th; if you missed the meeting you can watch the video at https://youtu.be/XWCoUX82Pnk, or view Keesmaat’s presentation slides.

We invite anyone interested to read the full Keesmaat Report, or a Key Recommendations document is also available.

In February HRM released their ‘Package A’ Centre Plan document, addressing areas in the Regional Centre where the most growth is planned. As a major industry stakeholder UDI has been following the Centre Plan process with interest, and has provided ongoing feedback. UDI, like HRM and other stakeholder groups within the city, looks to the Centre Plan to help us create dynamic, prosperous and liveable neighourhoods throughout the municipality. We hope that the final plan will also ensure an efficient and reasonable development process.

We believe that any plan of this magnitude benefits from independent assessment, and therefore  hired a consultant to conduct a peer review. The consultant hired, Jennifer Keesmaat of Toronto, visited Halifax for discussions with many of our partners in the process, including HRM officials and an experienced ‘Leaders Table’ group selected to provide guidance throughout the process.

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Status: Priority

UDI has long been concerned with providing affordable housing options to Nova Scotians. We closely watch government rules and regulations which may impact on affordability, and lobby for changes which will allow more first time home buyers into the market.

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Infrastructure Charges (Capital Cost Contributions)

Status: Priority

HRM have hired Turner Drake to undertake a review of the Infrastructure Charges (Capital Cost Contributions) which apply to developments within HRM. UDI supports fair and clearly outlined fee structures for all charges applied by HRM, however, we are concerned that unnecessarily high fees will increase the affordability of housing. We continue to monitor the review process, and have provided input where applicable.

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